Hand applied bitumen compound joint sealant

Ralumac is a cold-applied asphaltic material, designed for more demanding locations on all types of surfaces. It gives a superior surface with good texture and is therefore suitable for a whole range of road maintenance problems faced by today’s Road Engineer.

Ralumac’s effectiveness as an overlay carpet is derived from thoroughly researched and developed Bitumen Emulsion. This is a Polymer Modified Binder which, when mixed with selected high-quality aggregates and fillers, gives a material with excellent stability in summer whilst mantaining flexibility in winter.



Major benefits:

  • Speed of application
  • Strength of design mix
  • Fills ruts up to 75mm
  • Traffic possible within 15/20 minutes
  • Variable laying width spreader 2.5/3.6m
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly cold laid process
  • Longterm durable solution

Bitumen Emulsions