Community Safety Information

Colas Bitumen Emulsions West (Oranmore site) has prepared and is circulating this leaflet to our neighbours to advise you about our operations, the associated hazards, and how we manage safety.

Colas Bitumen Emulsions West supply and manufacture Bitumen Emulsions for the road industry. Our chemical division, Chemoran, manufactures adhesive agents for the Bitumen industry.

A number of materials are stored onsite in Oranmore, which may give rise to major accident hazards, with the following characteristics,

  • - Very Toxic
  • - Toxic
  • - Extremely Flammable
  • - Dangerous to the Environment

The storage of these materials are regulated by the “Chemicals Act (Control of Major Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations 2015”. In accordance with these regulations, Colas Ireland has notified the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) of the materials stored on site, has submitted a Safety Report to the HAS and as per the regulations it has been determined that the Colas Bitumen Emulsions West site in Oranmore is an Upper Tier site.

In the unlikely event of a major incident, it is possible that fumes or smoke form a large fire / spill could be carried on the wind beyond the site.

A neighbourhood siren is fitted on site, which is tested at 10am on the first Tuesday of each month. Should a major incident occur, this siren will sound continuously. The following steps should be taken:

All occupants of Zone 1 (see attached map) should immediately evacuate to the Maldron Hotel.

  • - A designated contact from each establishment should confirm to Colas Ireland that his/her premises have been completely evacuated via text to 087 4164681 (dedicated emergency number)
  • - All occupants should wait for and follow any instructions from the Emergency Services.
  • - Do not obstruct or impede the Emergency Services in their response.

Arrangements are in place in Colas Bitumen Emulsions West site to prevent and deal with major accidents and to minimise their effects.

An External Emergency Plan to deal with major accidents on the Colas Bitumen Emulsion Oranmore site has been prepared by:

  • - An Garda Siochána
  • - The Health Services Executive
  • - Galway Fire and Rescue Services
  • - Galway County Council

All companies and personnel are required to co-operate with any instructions or requests from the emergency services at the time of an accident. A review of the site’s safety management, engineering and organisational measures in relation to hazard control has been completed as part of the Safety Report submitted to the Health and Safety Authority. For Details of inspections and other materials please see the HSA website (

If you wish to make contact in relation to this leaflet, or have any queries, please contact us