Intermediate PME

Intermediate Polymer Modified Surface Dressing Emulsion

Intermediate PME is a CE marked intermediate Polymer Modified Surface Dressing Emulsion produced by COLAS Bitumen Emulsions in accordance with BS EN 13808:2013 Bitumen and Bituminous Binders – Framework for specifying Cationic Bituminous Emulsions.


Intermediate PME

Intermediate PME:

  • Is used for surface treatment such as surface dressings, patching, repair of potholes and more generally road maintenance. Suitable for high stressed sites (busy routes, junctions etc.).
  • Is particularly suitable for use with multi-layer surface dressings such as racked-in or double surface dressing processes. These techniques using Intermediate PME produces a highly stable interlocked aggregate mosaic, reducing loose chippings in the initial stages, providing a durable long life surface dressing.
  • Has improved tensile, cohesive and adhesive strengths, is more temperature resistant than non-polymer emulsions.
  • It is the ideal binder to use where a significant improvement in properties such as flexibility and temperature susceptibility is required.
  • Is suitable for use on busy roads.
  • Incorporates specially developed adhesion agents to promote a good bond with the chippings.
  • Incorporates a block co-polymer to improve cohesion and durability
  • Is available ex works, delivered to customer’s tanks or can be sprayed for the customer using COLAS Bitumen Emulsion’s fleet of sprayers.

  • Composition 160-220 pen bitumen, water bitumen emulsifiers, adhesion agents, block co-polymer and fluxant.
  • Temperature Application temperature 80-85°C

  • Store in insulated, heated tanks with thermostatic control.
  • Storage temperature 40-70°C for long term storage, protect from frost.
  • Circulate tanks before loading.
  • Before spraying heat to 80-85°C and circulate.
  • Precautions non-flammable but will boil and develop steam pressure above 90°C.

  • Intermediate PME should be sprayed using purpose built emulsion sprayers properly maintained and calibrated in accordance with BS1707 and EN12272-1.
  • Application rates should be designed to suit the particular circumstances of the site.
  • Best results in surface dressing will be achieved during the main spraying season April – September.
  • COLAS Bitumen Emulsions technical staff are available to advise on the application of all our Binders and to assist customers with design

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