Griproll preformed asphalt strip

GripRoll is a unique BBA HAPAS Approved skid resistant overbanding and crack sealing thermoplastic roll. GripRoll has been specially formulated to be more flexible at lower temperatures than standard thermoplastic rolls and is a marked improvement on the conventional glass grains producing a skid resistance value >70.

GripRoll is designed to seal and repair static cracks up to 5mm wide and 20mm deep in nonporous bituminous and concrete highways. GripRoll seals patches and reinstatements preventing the ingress of water helping to extend the life of the repair. GripRoll is easy to apply with no wastage and can be trafficked almost immediately.



Overbanding for patches and reinstatements

Preheat the surface making sure it is free from moisture, roll out the GripRoll and place on the road surface.

Where you are applying to a non-bituminous substrate, prime the surface with Colas Thermo- Tac Primer before rolling out the GripRoll.

Heat the GripRoll with a propane torch using a slow sweeping motion, making sure that you do not spot heat any areas as this may scorch the material.

GripRoll must be heated until it starts to bubble and melt then remove the heat. The material will cool and harden within 5-10 minutes of installation. Always check the GripRoll does not lift, if any areas do lift, apply more heat.

Applying insufficient heat will result in inadequate bonding and subsequent failure of the material.

Each roll is 5m x 35mm.

GripRoll is supplied in boxes, each box contains 12 rolls (5m x 35mm).

  • Keep flat and store in a cool, dry place
  • Do not expose to UV rays as material will¬†become brittle
  • Shelf life in sealed packaging is 12 months
  • In cold weather, application will be assisted
  • by storing overnight at room temperature

GripRoll is BBA HAPAS Approved.


Wear suitable protective clothing (heat resistant gauntlet gloves, overalls, protective footwear, face visor)

DO NOT allow water to contact hot material

DO NOT exceed maximum safe heating temperature

If molten material contacts skin:

  • DO NOT attempt to remove
  • Immerse affected area in cold running water for at least 10 minutes
  • Seek medical advice without delayFor full safety information please request the GripRoll Safety Data Sheet using the contact page.

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