Colpatch permanent patch repair

Colpatch is formulated from paving grade bitumen, selected aggregates and Macfix additive supplied under licence by Macismo Asphalt & Innovation. This unique additive results in flexibility within the repair reducing the risk of reflective cracking. It also provides the long storage properties of Colpatch which enables the remaining material to be stockpiled externally all year round without deterioration and remains workable in cold weather conditions. Colpatch is easy to use with no mixing required with a longstorage life of up to 2 years. To accommodate the customer’s storage capability the material is available in a variety of options.



Apply sufficient Colpatch to over-fill the area to be reinstated, ensuring that all corners are filled by gently kneading the material with a shovel to evenly spread it across the full area.

Compact the material to the surrounding level using a hand tamper or compactor/roller. For large areas and deep sections, use a vibrating plate or roller slightly wetting the drum with water. If under-filling has taken place, simply add more product and compact to level.

It is recommended that deep patches should be built up in 15-40mm compacted layers as this will result in better compaction being achieved.

Once compacted the Colpatch is ready to be trafficked. Curing is brought about by both air drying and compaction, with the rate of cure dependent upon temperature and the weight and volume of traffic. However, under normal traffic conditions, Colpatch will not depress, track or pick up during the curing process.

Colpatch remains flexible for some time after application as the material will take up the contours of potholes naturally and form an immediate repair, it is ideal for irregularly shaped potholes.

The below table shows the approximate rate of spread of various compacted thicknesses of Colpatch.

Spread Rate Guide
Average thickness of course (mm) Coverage (m2/t)
20 22 to 28
30 15 to 19
40 11 to 15
50 9 to 12
60 8 to 10
75 6 to 8
100 4 to 6

Please note that the covering capacity of Colpatch may be affected by such factors as the density and grading of the aggregates, condition of the substrate and final state of compaction. On more irregular substrates, heavier rates of spread are to be expected.

Colpatch is available in 25kg sealed bags (40 x 25kg per pallet).

Keep free from frost and extremes of heat.

Colpatch is BBA HAPAS Approved Certificate 11/H179

For full safety information, please request the Colpatch Safety Data Sheet using the contact information at the back of this brochure.

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