ASC anti-stick release agent

ASC is a highly effective anti-stick release agent for use when working with bituminous mixtures. It prevents bituminous mixtures from sticking to the beds of delivery trucks, paver hoppers, roller drums, the sleighs of micro- surfacing trucks and to hand tools such as shovels, rakes, buckets, etc.



For dilution in the water tank of a roller or other container, add a small amount of water, add required quantity of ASC and then fill the rest of the tank with water. A powerful water jet is useful to ensure intensive mixing. The following mixing ratios are advised:

When used as an anti-stick agent on the sleighs of micro-surfacing trucks, ASC is not diluted. It is applied by spraying onto the equipment using a back-pack sprayer or dedicated pressurised spraying unit.

ASC Dosage
1:20 Truck beds, paver hoppers and other metal equipment
1:50 Steel drum rollers
1:200 Pneumatic-tyred rollers

Density at 20 °C = 0,92 g/cm3 Dynamic viscosity = ca. 100 mPa.s

ASC is available in 1000 litre IBCs and in 200 or 25 litre drums.

Rolling: ASC diluted in water at a rate of 20:1 works to prevent pick-up by the roller drums and to prevent marking of the finished surface.

Microsurfacing: Spraying ASC undiluted on to the sleigh of the micro-surfacing truck minimises material pick-up and speeds up cleaning time.

Truck Beds: ASC diluted in water at a rate of 20:1 works as a release agent on truck beds delivering asphalt mixtures.

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