PMB 40-100/50

Hot poured elastomeric joint sealant

PMB 40-100/50 is a hot poured elastomeric joint sealant designed for the treatment of reinstatements and asphalt overlays meeting the requirements of the TII Specification for Roadworks Series 900 Section 10.1.8.


PMB 40-100/50

Why Use PMB 40-100/50?

  • Effective: Specially formulated to seal the vertical faces of horizontal pavement joints.
  • Convenient: PMB 40-100/50 is supplied in 20kg siliconized, easy strip cartons. These are leak proof when kept upright.

ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System

  • Ensure the joints to be sealed are thoroughly cleaned and free from dust, fuel and oil spillage.
  • The face of the joints should be dry with surface temperature ideally at least 12°C. Do not apply to icy surfaces or in rain. (NB if joint has to be treated in damp conditions, use COLAS RS Bitukold – a pourable, cold applied edge sealant).

  • PMB 40-100/50 must be heated before use. For best results, use heating kettle with an indirect heating system such as hot oil. Ensure that H4 Polymer does not exceed 180°C and that the oil does not exceed 240°C.
  • When hot, pour either from a can or direct from the melting kettle via a pressure fed heated hose with a special nozzle.
  • Do not allow water to come into contact with the hot molten bitumen

  • For a 40mm vertical joint face, and a 2mm coated thickness of PMB 40-100/50: 0.08kg of PMB 40-100/50 seals one linear metre of joint or a 20kg pack seals 300 linear metres of joint.
  • Note: these spread rates do not include wastage or allowance for overbanding.

Keep free from frost and extremes of heat. In the summer, store cartons in a shaded area to avoid leakage. Do not stack.

PMB 40-100/50 bitumen is suitable for jointing as required in TII Specification for Roadworks Series 900 Section 10.1.8 and complies with EN 14023.

For full safety information, please refer to Safety Data Sheet for Polymer Bitumen.

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