Polymer Modified Bond Coat Emulsion

Colbond is a CE marked Polymer Modified Bond Coat Emulsion produced by COLAS Bitumen Emulsions in accordance with EN 13808:2013 Bitumen and Bituminous Binders – Framework For Specifying Cationic Emulsions.

Colbond complies with TII Specification; Table 15 of Specification for Road Works Series 900 – Road Pavements – Bituminous Materials (CC-SPW-00900)




  • Is our polymer-modified emulsion for bond coating; and
  • It is suitable for use on all pavement layers;
  • Polymer-modified bond coats are specified by TII Series 900 to be used between each asphalt pavement layer;
  • Polymer modification provides stronger bond between asphalt layers, compared to conventional tack coat emulsion;
  • Is a quick break emulsion to reduce pickup by the tyres of the paving equipment;
  • Application temperature is 65 to 75°C;
  • If stored over a prolonged period, it should be stored at 40 to 60°C, protected from frost and circulated and heated to 70°C before spraying.

Composition 160-220 pen bitumen, water bitumen emulsifiers, block co-polymer and fluxant.
Temperature Application temperature 65-75°C

  • Store in Insulated, heated tanks with thermostatic control.
  • Storage temperature 40-60°C for long term storage, protect from frost.
  • Before spraying heat to 65-75°C and circulate.
  • Precautions non-flammable but will boil and develop steam pressure above 90°C.

  • Colbond should be sprayed using purpose built Emulsion Sprayers properly maintained and calibrated in accordance with BS1707 and EN12272-1.
  • COLAS Bitumen Emulsions technical staff are available to advise on the application of all our Binders.

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