Colmat Microsurfacing from Colas

Micro-surfacing is the term given to the application of a thin overlay of a specific type of cold-mix asphalt consisting of bitumen emulsion and fine aggregates.


Colmat Microsurfacing

The material is mixed in a dedicated machine that also applies the mixture to the receiving road pavement.

Application is normally undertaken in two layers with the initial regulating layer (applied in thickness up to 75 mm in the depressions/ruts), followed by a uniform wearing course carpet of 8 to 15 mm in thickness, depending on the nominal aggregate size used. The new micro-surfacing can typically be opened to traffic in 15 to 20 minutes.

The micro-surfacing product supplied by COLAS Contracting, namely Colmat, combines a high-performance polymer modified bitumen emulsion with specifically selected high quality fine aggregates. The high binder content of the mixture allows it to fill any depressions, cracks and/or ruts in the existing pavement, thereby giving a new even profile while also re-sealing the pavement from water ingress and its associated damaging effects.

When used on roads that require a minimum level of surface texture, a percentage of high-PSV coarse aggregates can also be added into the mixture.

  • Highly trained and experienced crews.
  • Traffic management
  • Daily outputs in excess of 5,000 m2┬ácan be achieved with minimal disruption to traffic.
  • COLAS Contracting’s micro-surfacing product is CE Marked, produced using a Factory Production Control QC system and complies with Clause 7.1 of TII’s Series 900 (CC-SPW-00900-09) and IS EN 12273:2008 Slurry Surfacing – Requirements and the NSAI’s SR 62.

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