Fast, economic, long-lasting, repair system
Proscreed is a 2-part screed applied crack repair system designed to repair cracks & joints. It is suitable for all types of bituminous surface courses. It is suitable for use on bends and roundabouts. The HF grade can be used on Clause 924 High Friction Surfacing.


Proscreed Part A
Part A is a blend of polymer modified bitumen, extender, high PSV aggregate and fibres, designed to fill & seal joints and reflective cracks in asphalt surfaces, and to provide a stress absorbing medium for the high friction surface layer (Part B).

Proscreed Part B
Part B is a thermoplastic resin blend incorporating mineral fillers and granite aggregate - minimum PSV 62 (Standard Grade) or Calcined Bauxite - minimum PSV 70 (HF Grade), providing a textured high friction surface. The system is designed to retain excellent long-term texture and skid resistance.

Proscreed application ensures a minimum texture depth of 1.5mm*


Measured by the sand-patch test method as defined in BS 598-105:2000. Based on an average of a minimum of 10 readings at equally spaced intervals along the length of PROSCREED being assessed.

  • Extends pavement life
  • Maintains high skid resistance
  • Year-round application
  • No milling out required /no waste disposal
  • No sweeping of loose aggregate
  • Fast, economic, long-lasting, repair system
  • Suitable for all classes and types of road
  • Short cure time for minimal traffic disruption