Steel-Bitufor Meshtrack


Mesh Track is a steel reinforcing overlay for cracked or deformed roads, which has been successfully used for many years. Used in combination with a Slurry Seal it can deal with problems such as reflective cracking, slippage, deformation or differential movement. The woven hexagonal wire netting, manufactured out of heavy galvanised steel wire, is reinforced at regular intervals by transverse steel wire strands, interwoven into the mesh. The construction of Mesh Track allows the product to be securely tensioned whilst deformation is prevented by the transverse wire strands.


The galvanised steel mesh is laid directly onto the surface of the road, which should be cleaned. However, if there are deep deformations in the road surface or heavy damage such as rutting then a regulating layer should first be applied.

The mesh is unrolled onto the surface and flattened onto it by a roller. A Modified Bitumen Emulsion Slurry is then applied, once the slurry has cured, the Asphalt, Bitumac or cold laid macadam can be laid over with a minimum thickness of 50mm. Depending on design a second layer can be applied, Mesh Track is available in two grades, which limits the deformation in an overlay to a minimum.

  • Limits deformation in an overlay to a minimum
  • Absorbs the tensile stresses beneath the asphalt layer
  • Locks asphalt aggregates into the meshes of the netting (compartmentalisation-interlock)
  • Ensures optimal distribution of the load
  • Provides extra toughness to the overall structure

  • Transverse reinforcement guarantees an even load distribution.
  • The Asphalt/ Bitmac/ Cold Laid Macadam aggregates are locked solidly into the large hexagonal mesh.
  • The slurry offers extra elasticity to the interface and better absorbs the strain in overlays.
  • Prevents water penetrating into the subgrade via slurry seal.
  • Steel is intrinsically much stronger as a reinforcing material than plastic, glass fibre etc
  • Provides extra durability to the overall structure.