Leoclean Standard is ideal as a heavy-duty cleaner for removing mineral oil based marks such as bitumen, asphalt, grease and carbon. It will remove waxes, adhesives, uncured paint and varnish, and also oil based inks. Leoclean Standard is a cleaner and degreaser, formulated from derivatives of vegetable oils with a flash point in excess of 90°C.

Leoclean Standard can replace red diesel as well as chlorinated and paraffin-based solvents in most applications, thus offering a safer alternative for effective cleaning and degreasing.

Where to use

Leoclean Standard will help clean up creosote, chewing gum,sealants and other mastics. It is ideal for cleaning oil spills off hard surfaces, cleaning combustion engines, parts washing,tank cleaning and adhesive residue removal.

Leoclean Standard is suitable for most surfaces. It is completely safe on all metals, ceramics, concrete, brick, stone, glass, woodand painted surfaces. It will not affect any cured resins and issafe on most fabrics. However, care should be taken when usingon silk, leather and some plastics, acrylics and rubbers. Vulcanised rubber is unaffected. On porous surfaces Leoclean Standard will tend to allow absorption of the contaminant intothe surface.


Apply Leoclean Standard sparingly onto affected area, and allow it to soak into the contaminant. The softened or dissolvedresidue should then be removed with absorbent material. Repeat the process if necessary. Remove softened residue offporous surfaces as soon as possible to reduce absorption andwash with soapy water. Where production processes requirespeed, drying can be enhanced by heat and/or hot air (but notnaked flames) and/or vacuum. Leoclean Standard should bewashed from the skin using soap and water.


The concentrated nature of Leoclean Standard means that it should be used sparingly.


Leoclean Standard is available in 500ml trigger bottles, 5 litreand 25 litre plasticcontainers and, on request, 200kg drums.


Store in original container wherever possible. Protect fromdirect sunlight. Do not spray on naked flame or anyincandescent material. Keep out of reach of children.


Leoclean Standard is manufactured on a purpose-built plant toan ISO 9001 quality system which covers all Colas manufacturedproducts.


For Full Safety Information, please request the Leoclean Standard/Industrial Safety Data Sheet using the contactinformation below.