COLAS Bitumen Emulsions manufacturers, delivers, sprays and provides technical advice on our wide range of cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions and macadam binders for use in road surfacing and repair.

In Ireland, we pioneered the use of bitumen emulsions, and have continued to lead the way by being the only company that provides a full surface-dressing solution to customers.

At COLAS we are committed to road safety, affordability and the improvement of every facet of the roads, for every road user.


COLAS Bitumen Emulsions manufacture a wide range of Bituminous Products for Road Construction and Maintenance in our production plants in Galway, Dublin and Belfast.

Emulsion Delivery

Using our dedicated fleet of tankers, COLAS Bitumen Emulsions delivers products to our customers storage facilities, with roadside deliveries to our customers spray trucks where required.

Emulsion Spraying

COLAS Bitumen Emulsions have a large fleet of emulsion sprayers suitable for all applications.

Emulsion Sprayers

COLAS Bitumen Emulsions can provide customers with Surface Dressing Sprayers for use with the customers plant on their sites.

Hot Bitumen Sprayers

Hot Bitumen Sprayers are used to apply bitumen as a Bondcoat on between Asphalt layers, our Hot Sprayers deliver an accurate application of bitumen.

OB Vario

The most modern equipment combining Emulsion and Chipping application, its self-loading facility removes the need for separate gritters and loading shovels.

Bond Coater Sprayers

COLAS Bitumen Emulsions provides Bond Coat Sprayers to apply bond and tack coats between asphalt layers, some are equipped with bitu-sealers which apply a vertical or horizontal coat of bitumen on asphalt joints to conform with best laying practice.

Combi Sprayers and Chippers

Combi Sprayers and Chippers are suitable for surface dressing and road repair, these self-contained sprayer and gritter combination are in constant demand.

Hot Box

Hot Box, with its heated and insulated body, is ideal for asphalt repair.